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**Mayor Jeri Muoio to deliver State of the City address on January 24, 2019**
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The City of West Palm Beach will hold a General Municipal Election on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, and Run-off Election, if necessary, on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

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Conrad, who works in the City of WPB Development Services Department, received this recognition for providing the development community with exemplary service.

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Office Location:
Address: 401 Clematis Street, 1st Floor - City Hall, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Phone: (561) 822-1465
Fax: (561) 822-1486

Code Enforcement Directory:

Name Position Phone Number Email
Mark Joyce Community Improvement Manager (561) 822-1473 Mjoyce@wpb.org
Mitchell Posner Code Enforcement Supervisor (561) 822-1476 Maposner@wpb.org
Monique Williams Code Administrative Assistant (561) 822-1468 Mlwilliams@wpb.org
Felicia Adams Secretary (561) 822-1477 Feadams@wpb.org
Brenda Roberts Clerical Specialist (561) 822-1352 Blroberts@wpb.org
Business Tax Receipts  
Name Position Phone Number Email
Kevin Lavine Business Tax Receipt Officer (561) 822-1490 Klavine@wpb.org
Valerie Luster Business Tax Receipt Officer (561) 822-1485 VLuster@wpb.org
Chronic Nuisance
Name Position Phone Number Email
Laura Borso Chronic Nuisance Manager (561) 822-1471 Lborso@wpb.org
Valcia Morris Chronic Nuisance Administrative Assistant (561) 822-1482 Vjmorris@wpb.org
John Frasca Code Officer assigned to Chronic Nuisance (South) (561) 822-1475 Jfrasca@wpb.org
Joseph Oliva Code Officer assigned to Chronic Nuisance (North) (561) 822-1479 Joliva@wpb.org


Zones and Code Officers
Zone Name Location Phone Number Email
1 Aleandro Lopez Arlington Rd to Palmetto St (561) 822-1480 Alopez@wpb.org
2 Richard Padgett Palmetto St to Southern Blvd (561) 822-1565 Rpadgett@wpb.org
3 Richard Pazmino Southern Blvd to Belvedere Rd (561) 822-2068 Rpazmino@wpb.org
4 Mark Sargent Belvedere Rd to Okeechobee Blvd (561) 822-1472 Msargent@wpb.org
5 John Murphy Okeechobee Blvd to Banyan Blvd (561) 822-1489 Jmurphy@wpb.org
6 Cassandre St. Hilaire Banyan Blvd to Palm Beach Lakes Blvd (561) 822-1474 Cshilaire@wpb.org
7 Phil Cartwright Palm Beach Lakes Blvd to 23rd St (561) 822-1466 Apcartwright@wpb.org
8 Joe Petrick 23rd St to 36th St (561) 822-1487 Jpetrick@wpb.org
9 Michael Williams 36th St to 48th St (561) 822-1488 Mwilliams@wpb.org
10 Vacant 48th St to 59th St (561) 822-  
11 Natalee Clark Northwood Hills (North of 36th St) (561) 822-1491 NClarke@wpb.org
12 Raymond Leung Northwood Hills (South of 36th St) (561) 822-1429 Rgleung@wpb.org
13 Paul McFarlane North Shore and Palm Beach Lakes South (561) 822-1478 Pmcfarlane@wpb.org
14 Donald Williams Western Communities (561) 822-1470 Dbwilliams@wpb.org

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