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Get on Your Bike to Celebrate Florida Bike Month in West Palm Beach

In recognition of Florida Bike Month in West Palm Beach and as part of the City’s sustainability goals, bicyclists are invited to pedal to work during the City’s 4th annual Bike-to-Work Week scheduled for March 27-31, 2017.

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For Sale: West Palm Beach Sells Land to Raise Affordable Housing Funds

The City of West Palm Beach Department of Housing and Community Development announces that it is now making empty lots available for sale to the public.

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Bike Master Plan
As part of  the City of West Palm Beach’s commitment to mobility, safety, sustainability, health and economic development, the City is developing a city-wide Bicycle Master Plan to advance a network of convenient and comfortable bike facilities. Bike facilities may include bike lanes, cycle tracks, off road trails and bike boulevards that connect people of all ages to the places where they live, learn, work and play.

There is compelling evidence that active transportation choices like bicycling can increase quality of life. The City of West Plam Beach's Bike Master Plan strives to provide a comfortable and convenient system of connected biking facilities that encourage and accommodate all people riding a bike.
  • At a larger scale, the  Comprehensive Mobility Plan  is a coordinated and concurrent effort with the The Bicycle Master Plan.   The Comprehensive Mobility Plan is a road map to create a modern, well balanced transportation sytem. It is intended to provide real mobility choices like comfortable options to walk, bike, ride trains, buses or trolleys or drive. To learn more about the Mobility Plan please visit WPBmobility.
  • From a saftey standpoint, The Bicycle Master Plan will build upon the work of the Palm Beach Metropolitan Organization’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study which was completed in February 2017.  The study states that most pedestrian and bicycle fatalities occur in urban areas.  The study furthers cites that most fatal crashes occur in areas with insufficient bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.
  • The Bicycle Master Plan is a response, in part, to the connection between our nation’s obesity and Type 2 Diabetes epidemic and our dependency on the automobile.  In order to combat these health problems, we need to invest in active transportation choices such as bike and pedestrian facilities.  
  • The economic effects of the bike facilities projects to be built as a result from the Bicycle Master plan cannot be ignored. Studies have shown that bicycle facility investments are returned nine-fold by bringing in tourism dollars, increasing property values and generating jobs.

The Bicycle Master Plan is to include:
For more information or any questions, please feel free to contact BikePlan@wpb.org