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**WPB Offers Yard Waste Amnesty Days for Advance Hurricane Season Preparation**
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Yard Waste & Bulk


  • Leaves, grass clippings, branches, small tree limbs and tree trunks.  

  • ONE PILE,  up to 10 cubic yards, can be placed in front of the resident’s home one day before scheduled pickup.

  • Prior to hurricane season there are Amnesty Days when exceptions are made for the amount of yard waste that can be placed curbside for pickup.

  • Vegetation must be in front of the home that it was removed from.

  • Small clippings, grass and leaves must be bagged to prevent them from being blown into storm drains. This increases  flooding during the rainy season.

  • Tree branches and limbs, must not exceed four feet in length and six inches in diameter.

  • Stumps are not to exceed 12 inches in diameter and should be stacked neatly so that they can be picked up properly.

  • Vegetation does not include wood, board or lumber.

  • Real Christmas trees are considered vegetation and are picked up at curbside. Make sure trees are free of lights and decorations.

  • Any pile of vegetation larger than seven cubic feet is a violation and will be subject to a fee.

Some helpful tips:

  • Place yard waste at the curb/edge of the street, AFTER 6 PM the night before pick-up.

  • Place grass cuttings, small trimmings and leaves in plastic bags weighing no more than 50 pounds.

  • Cut tree trunks and stumps into sections no longer than four feet and no larger than 12 inches in diameter.

  • Clean up debris remaining after pick-up.

  • Call the Sanitation Department at 822-2075 for a special pick-up of waste piles larger than the maximum allowed (PLEASE NOTE: there is a fee for special pick-ups).


  • During the months of APRIL and MAY the city offers Amnesty Days for yard waste collection. Residents may place unlimited amounts of yard waste curbside on their regular collection day. The purpose is to assist residents with hurricane preparedness, before the season starts.  (See section on Amnesty Days to prepare for hurricane season).
  • If a tree service contractor or landscaper maintains your yard, trims or removes a tree etc., the contractor is responsible for removal.
  • Do not place limbs, branches or leaves in creeks, storm drains, or drainage ditches.  These materials restrict drainage flow, which can lead to flooding and an increase in the mosquito population.
  1. Place yard waste within 10’ of any obstruction such as a wall, fence, tree, guy wire, vehicle, etc..

  2. Place yard waste in cardboard boxes or garbage containers.

  3. Place yard waste on top of water or gas meters.

    4. Mix yard waste with any other items.


The City of West Palm Beach provides bulk collection service to residents who live in single family homes.   Up to four items will be picked up on your bulk items pickup day. If you have more than four items, please call Customer Service (561) 822-2075, for additional information.
  • Bulk items are picked up once a week.
  • Bulk items can be placed out on your regular garbage collection day.
If you have additional questions please contact Customer Service about proper disposal of bulk items; 561-822-2075.
  • White goods (washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, etc.) and E-Scrap (computers, radios, cell phones, lamps, toasters, etc.), are always scheduled for the same day as your garbage.
  • Place objects at curbside so as not to interfere with garbage, recycling or yard waste pickup.
  • Please do not place more than four items at curbside.
Tables / Chairs Stove / Oven Computers
Gym Equipment Refrigerator Laptop
Household Items Freezer Monitors
Mattress & Box Springs Air Conditioner Printer/scanner/fax
Large Child's Toys Dishwasher Gaming Systems
BBQ Grill Washing Machine Televisions
Sofas Dryer All telephones
Large Appliances Hot Water Heater VCR / DVD Players
Small Appliances Toaster Microwave Ovens
  (Please remove doors  
  from large appliances)  


  • Miscellaneous garbage that should go into your household garbage can
  • Building materials
  • Commercially generated waste
  • Propane tanks, water tanks or any type of drum(s)
  • Any type of vehicle equipment
  • Fencing, decks, concrete
As before, freon-containing items such as refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioners, etc. must be put out on the same day you receive vegetation waste pick-up. No vegetation is to be mixed with bulk items. The above-mentioned freon containing items are the only items to be placed next to your vegetation pile.

Large quantities of boxes (i.e., from a move in) will be removed as bulk on your yard waste day if you have called to alert us ahead of time. The boxes must be empty, broken down, and tied as compactly as possible. Any packing material (i.e. packing peanuts, packing pillows, paper, styrofoam, etc..) must be secured in bags.
NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL OF ANY KIND WILL BE SERVICED. Regulations that govern your local landfill consider construction material contamination, and the fees associated with disposing of it are higher. Examples of construction material are cabinets, sinks toilets, roofing, fencing, wood, concrete, drywall, etc.
All construction material generated by a contractor must be disposed of by that contractor. Also, construction material generated by do-it-yourself projects must be disposed of by the homeowner. This material can be delivered to the Solid Waste Authority’s landfill or any SWA permitted facility. Call 561 697-2700, toll free 866-792-4636 or visit www.swa.org for additional information.

If a special pick-up is needed (for waste quantities that exceed 4’ X 4’ X 17’ or for items not allowed in the regular pick-up), please call us for arrangements at 561 822-2075. There is a fee for special pickup.

This includes but is not limited to paint, pesticides, oil, batteries, and propane tanks. Please contact the Solid Waste Authority.
In preparation for the  2016 storm season, the City of West Palm Beach is pleased to announce that this year’s yard waste Amnesty Days  will be in the months of April and May. To participate, residents in single family homes can do the following:
  • Place your yard waste at the curbside no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before your regular yard waste pickup day.
  • Yard waste should be contained within ONE PILE. There is no limit to the size of the pile during Amnesty Days.
  • Make sure the yard waste pile is located in front of your house. You cannot put your yard waste in front of your neighbor’s house (even with their permission).
  • Do not place your yard waste in front of a vacant lot.
  • Place grass cuttings, small trimmings and leaves in plastic bags.
  • Cut tree limbs and branches into lengths no longer than four feet.
  • Cut tree trunks and stumps into section no longer than four feet and no larger than 12 inches in diameter.
  • Do not  place yard waste within 10 feet of any obstruction such as walls, trees, guide wires, fences, vehicles, overhead wires, mail boxes, poles etc.
  • Do not place yard waste on top of drainage/stormwater grates.
  • Do not place yard waste in cardboard boxes.
  • Do not mix yard waste with any other type of debris.
  • In the event of a storm warning, please do not put any yard waste out as it may block storm water systems or become dangerous flying objects.
  • Yard Waste Amnesty Days does not apply to commercial properties or landscape contractors.