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Commercial Dumpsters & Compactors


Commercial Sanitation

COMMERCIAL SANITATION SERVICE is administered according to the rules and regulations listed below.


The container must not be loaded past lid closing capacity and it must not be packed so tightly that it will not tumble easily out of the container.  If it is loaded past the lid or packed too tightly, it will not be emptied by our truck driver.

Nothing can be put into the container that will prevent other items inside from falling out.

Building materials – large pieces of wood, plaster, concrete, mattresses, furniture, tires of any kind, pallets, drums, and other bulky items must NOT be put into the container.

Hazardous waste must not be placed inside dumpster containers.

Dead animals must not be placed inside dumpster containers.

Commercial refuse must be drained of all liquids before being placed for collection.

ALL wet garbage, food materials, and sawdust must be placed in a securely tied plastic bag before being placed inside the container to prevent unsanitary conditions and avoid strewn or blown around refuse.  It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the inside of the dumpster free of spilled liquids and garbage.

Clear access to the container is the responsibility of the customer.  The container is placed in a location determined by the Director of Public Works or his/her designee to facilitate service.The customer shall not move the container.  (*The container must be located on the private property of the customer(s) receiving the service)

The area around the container must be maintained and kept clean; free of debris and litter or the container will be removed.

Additional material placed beside the container will be left if there is no one at the service location to reload the container for an extra collection at that time.

The driver is not required to wait any length of time for the customer to clear access if the container is blocked by a vehicle or any other blockage.  If the container is blocked and you require a pick-up before the next scheduled collection, you will be charged for a special pick-up.

If an extra collection is needed because of additional material on a day other than a regularly scheduled collection day, please call  Sanitation at 561-822-2075 at least 24 hours in advance so that our driver may be notified.

The City of West Palm Beach reserves the right to make extra collections and charge if the container is overloaded before a regularly scheduled collection.  If the container is frequently overloaded, the city reserves the right to do a volume check on your container to determine whether to increase the number of collections per week.

If an extra collection is necessary, you will receive an extra charge on your utility bill for the following month.

You must call Code Enforcement for a “Special Pick-up” to dispose of furniture, appliances, mattresses, tires, cabinets, building material or any other bulk items.The charge for this service is $100.00 plus possible dump fees depending upon the weight and volume of the items.These items must NOT be put in the dumpster.  Follow the instructions of the Code Enforcement Officer as the conditions for pick up can vary depending on location. 



Proper use of compaactor and debris disposal.

ALWAYS put garbage in the compactor.
DO NOT put any garbage or boxes outside of the compactor.
NEVER put garbage behind the blade; to do so is very dangerous.
NEVER use a knife or other object to open the compactor.

ALWAYS use your key to open the compactor; if you do not have a key,
do not use the compactor.
CONTACT Sanitation at 561-822-2075 to obtain a key to the compactor.
NOTE: You must be paying for sanitation service to request and receive a key.
NEVER put grease or liquid of any kind into the compactor.
ALWAYS put garbage in bags before putting them into the compactor.
NOTE: If the City compactor is full please use the next available City compactor.

DO NOT put bulk items or construction material into or next to the compactor or anywhere else in the alley.
NOTE:  Bulk items or construction material requires a “Special Pick Up” which can be obtained by calling Code Enforcement at 561-822-1465.  There is a fee for this service.

ALWAYS  be considerate of others who share the use of the city compactor.