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Get on Your Bike to Celebrate Florida Bike Month in West Palm Beach

In recognition of Florida Bike Month in West Palm Beach and as part of the City’s sustainability goals, bicyclists are invited to pedal to work during the City’s 4th annual Bike-to-Work Week scheduled for March 27-31, 2017.

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For Sale: West Palm Beach Sells Land to Raise Affordable Housing Funds

The City of West Palm Beach Department of Housing and Community Development announces that it is now making empty lots available for sale to the public.

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Intersection of Dixie Highway and Clematis Street in front of West Palm Beach City Hall.

Our Traffic Division strives to provide the safest and most efficient movement of vehicular traffic within and throughout the City of West Palm Beach!

The Traffic group is responsible for the planning, geometric design and traffic operations of roads, streets and highways.

It reviews plans of development and impact on adjacent street systems, initiates street lighting, conducts traffic studies and reviews public concerns. 

This division serves as primary liason with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Palm Beach County Traffic Engineering and other municipal traffic operations agencies as well as the Palm Beach County Metropolitian Planning Organization (MPO).

Here's some helpful info for you:

City streets adhere to a 30 MPH speed limit unsess otherwise posted.

Is that a city street?  While many of the streets in West Palm Beach are maintained by the city, some of our larger roads are actually maintained by either the County or the State.  Here is a list of some of our major roadways.

Road closures:  We know it sometimes is a pain in the neck, but in order to maintain our streets, repair our infrastructure, or manage our growth, we sometimes need to temporarily close a street near you. Here's some road closure information for you.