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The Mayor’s Work Group on Homelessness and Mental Health will be comprised of community, city, county and state representatives.

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Hire an Off Duty Officer

Contact: Sgt. Gary "Rich" Smith
Phone: 561-822-1652
E-mail: gsmith@wpb.org

In compliance with West Palm Beach Police Standard Operating Procedure #II-3, this application is required to engage the extra-duty services of police officers for public safety, health and welfare services in addition to those already provided to the public. It is understood that this is a non-binding agreement. Payment for extra-duty details will be made directly to the officer(s) immediately upon completion of the detail, or on the pay cycle of the requesting party. Officers from our department are only authorized to work events within the jurisdiction of the City of West Palm Beach. The attached two page application explains the rate schedule. Please contact the Special Events Office if you have any further questions.

The police department may cancel this permit without advance notice or cause at any time. The West Palm Beach Police Department will attempt to place officers during the requested dates and hours. Because of emergencies, inability to find an officer to work this detail or other unforeseen circumstances, this permit may not be filled when requested. The West Palm Beach Police Department will not permit an officer to work in the capacity of “bouncer” at a bar or other establishment where liquor is served. The premium rate applies to details requested 48 hours or less before the actual detail date. In accordance with the current collective bargaining agreement between the City of West Palm Beach and the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association, the following holidays will be charged at double the designated rate: Thanksgiving 1200-2400; Christmas Eve 1200-2400; Christmas Day 0000-2400; New Year’s Eve 1200-2400; New Year’s Day 0000-2400.

*PLEASE NOTE: There is a three (3) hour MINIMUM for all extra duty employment. CANCELLATIONS made WITHIN 3 business days of the scheduled detail will be subject to a charge equal to the three hours pay for the officer requested.

Rates (per hour)

Details requiring the assignment of five (5) or more officers require the assignment of a Sergeant to supervise the detail.

The assignment of more then ten (10) officers requires the assignment of an additional Sergeant. The assignment of more than fifteen (15) officers requires the assignment of a Commander/OIC.

Hire an Off-Duty Officer Form