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The Downtown West Palm Beach Mobility Plan is a bold initiative to enhance the way people and goods move throughout our downtown. It is the framework of best practices that will guide the City’s decision making for the next 20-years.

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Residents can View Information about 149 Projects Totaling $198M Online
WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. (October 19, 2017)— City of West Palm Beach residents can now keep tabs on their favorite capital improvement projects (CIP) online. The City has unveiled a new dashboard on the homepage of the City’s website, wpb.org, to provide information about 149 capital improvement projects totaling $198M. 

The dashboard shows a map of the City and locations of each of the projects that are underway or being planned within the next fiscal year. Users can click on each project location “pin”, and the dashboard will allow users to view details of the project. 

Users can see the following details about capital improvement projects:
  • · Project scope
    · Budget
    · Project manager
    · Stage of project (ie. planning, design, construction)
    · Project schedule and project duration for the various stages

“It’s important for West Palm Beach residents to know about the work that the City is undertaking with their tax dollars,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “We created the new capital improvement projects dashboard to keep residents informed about the many projects underway around the City and in their neighborhoods.”

The interactive tour of the City’s capital improvement project locations includes a look at:
  • · 1% Sales Tax Projects: 14 Projects - $59,185,934 
    · Fire Assessment: 3 Projects - $13,128,485 
    · Public Works Capital Improvement Projects: 7 Projects - $7,941,899
    · Gas Tax Projects: 2 Projects - $670,000
    · Grant Projects: 1 Project - $1,750,000
    · Multiple Funded Projects: 2 Projects - $1,045,700
    · Public Utilities Bond Projects: 52 Projects - $79,427,573
    · Public Works Bond Projects: 37 Projects - $24,540,150
    · Stormwater Capital Improvement Projects: 14 Projects - $673,000
    · Water/Sewer Capital Improvement Projects: 20 Projects - $10,071,246

“We are very excited about this robust capital program being implemented that will improve the quality and reliability of the City’s infrastructure facilities and provide great opportunities for local engineering and construction firms to participate directly in its success ,” said Kevin Volbrecht, Director of Engineering.”

A CIP helps maintain or improve a City asset, often called infrastructure. To be included in the capital budget, a project must meet these requirements:
  • · Cost and schedule prioritization criteria based on asset evaluations and strategic planning.
    · Be fiscally feasible based on available funding.
    · Have an estimated cost of $25,000 or more.

To view the capital improvement information dashboard, please visit: wpb.org (click on the CIP logo on the right side of the homepage) or visit: http://gis.wpb.org/cipstorymap/.