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2018 – 2019 season to eliminate plastic straws, coffee stirrers and Styrofoam containers

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Amnesty days allow residents to put UNLIMITED amounts of vegetation in ONE PILE in the front of their home for pick up
Dear Resident,
In preparation for the 2018 storm season, the City of West Palm Beach is pleased to announce that this year’s Yard Waste Amnesty Days will start April 2, 2018 and will end June 1, 2018. Amnesty days allow residents to put UNLIMITED amounts of vegetation in ONE PILE in the front of their home for pick up. These pick-ups-- unlike special pick-ups which are required for oversized piles-- will be at no additional charge to the resident.
To take advantage of the Yard Waste Amnesty Days, keep in mind these helpful tips:
  • Cut tree limbs and branches into sections no longer than 4-feet; cut trunks and stumps into sections no longer than 4-feet or no larger than 12 inches in diameter.
  • Place grass cuttings, small trimmings and leaves in plastic bags (Do not mix yard waste with any other type of debris, and do not place in cardboard boxes!).
  • Make sure that your yard waste is all contained within 1 pile—there is no limit on its size.
  • Please place the yard waste pile no earlier than 6PM the night before your regular yard waste pick up day.
  • Place yard waste at the curbside. Please do not place the pile on top of drainage/storm water grates or within 10 feet of obstructions--walls, trees, guide wires, fences, vehicles, overhead wires, mail boxes, etc.
  • The pile must be located in front of only your house—not in front of a vacant house or a neighbor’s house, even with their permission.
Yard Waste Amnesty Days apply only to residents who are doing the work themselves and do not include contractors. Remember, in the event of a storm warning, do not put your yard waste out, as this may block storm water systems or become dangerous flying objects. For more information, please call the Department of Public Works at (561) 822-2075.
City of West Palm Beach Department of Public Works