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Irma Debris Cleanup


As of today, 10/23/2017, the Sanitation Division has returned back to normal operating schedule to include bulk and green waste pick up. If material beyond normal is placed at the curb in violation of the city code the homeowner will be cited or the landscaper will be notified.

The following operations will continue as part of FEMA Hurricane Irma clean up:
  1. Parks and Rec locations to include some median right of ways still have some debris clean up ongoing.
  2. Leaner's and Hangers program will conclude after one more final assessment is complete along with anything noted during the assessment being taken care of.
  3. Tree stumps left over from tree removal and the down tree clean up will commence tomorrow as soon as Ashbritt provides the resources. This work will include stump removal, site cleanup to include sidewalk debris removed and back filling all locations with soil to make the site safe.
  4. Streets Maintenance will repair all hurricane damaged sidewalks and is already in process.
Based on all the information we have now and with expectations we anticipate final completion to still be by November 4th, 2017. If resources do not become available or we find more work during our final assessments this date could get extended.


Peter Bieniek
Director of Public Works
City of West Palm Beach


The City of West Palm Beach Public Works Department is  working to remove hurricane debris from our 55-square mile City! Rest assured, we are committed to picking up your debris and making our City sparkle again!

The City is conducting debris removal in three separates phases--or "passes":

  • Push Phase: As a first step of debris pickup, the City pushes debris off the streets which enables first responders and vehicles to move about the City.
  • First Pass: City's first attempt to pick up hurricane related vegetation, construction and demolition debris. Bulk regular pick up is suspended, and weekly residential garbage pickup resumed.
  • Second Pass: City's second attempt to pick up storm related vegetation. 

Residents and business are encouraged to use the "Know Your DRS (Debris Removal Section)" map and information report to find out valuable information about storm debris pickup and removal in your community. Here, you can see the percentage of debris pick-up completed and the estimated date of completion in your area. You can also view the estimated start date for sections not yet assessed and view the total cubic yards collected to date in the City.

How to use the use the "Know Your DRS" map and information report:

  • Look up your Debris Removal Section. There are 40 sections within the City. You can find yours by visiting this map:
Click here to download the MAP
  •  The table below shows updates by sections and the expected date of completion for "First Pass":

First Pass Debris Cleaning Progress Report

Today's Progress As of End of Day: October 23, 2017
Collected To
Section Completion % Completion Date
D1 100% 9/26/2017
D2 100% 9/30/2017
D3 100% 9/21/2017
D4 100% 9/20/2017
D5 100% 9/29/2017
D6 100% 9/14/2017
D7 100% 9/27/2017
D8 100% 9/20/2017
D9 100% 9/18/2017
D10 100% 9/16/2017
D11 100% 9/30/2017
D12 100% 10/5/2017
D13 100% 9/23/2017
D14 100% 9/21/2017
D15 100% 9/28/2017
D16 100% 9/25/2017
D17 100% 9/23/2017
D18 100% 9/28/2017
D19 100% 9/23/2017
D20 100% 9/20/2017
D21 100% 9/25/2017
D22 100% 9/18/2017
D23 100% 10/5/2017
D24 100% 10/2/2017
D25 100% 9/20/2017
D26 100% 9/26/2017
D27 100% 9/30/2017
D28 100% 9/27/2017
D29 100% 9/21/2017
D30 100% 9/27/2017
D31 100% 10/5/2017
D32 100% 9/27/2017
D33 100% 10/13/2017
D34 100% 9/24/2017
D35 100% 10/14/2017
D36 100% 9/23/2017
D37 100% 10/13/2017
D38 100% 9/21/2017
D39 100% 10/6/2017
D40 100% 10/10/2017
*ROE = Right of Entry 

Second Pass Debris Cleaning Progress Report

Today's Progress As of End of Day: October 23, 2017
Section Completion % Completion Date
D1 100% 10/23/2017
D2 100% 10/23/2017
D3 100% 10/23/2017
D4 100% 10/23/2017
D5 100% 10/7/2017
D6 100% 10/8/2017
D7 100% 10/23/2017
D8 100% 10/23/2017
D9 100% 10/23/2017
D10 100% 10/23/2017
D11 100% 10/14/2017
D12 100% 10/14/2017
D13 100% 10/12/2017
D14 100% 10/23/2017
D15 100% 10/7/2017
D16 100% 10/14/2017
D17 100% 10/18/2017
D18 100% 10/23/2017
D19 100% 10/7/2017
D20 100% 10/12/2017
D21 100% 10/23/2017
D22 100% 10/23/2017
D23 100% 10/12/2017
D24 100% 10/23/2017
D25 100% 10/23/2017
D26 100% 10/23/2017
D27 100% 10/23/2017
D28 100% 10/23/2017
D29 100% 10/23/2017
D30 100% 10/23/2017
D31 100% 10/11/2017
D32 100% 10/23/2017
D33 100% 10/23/2017
D34 100% 10/23/2017
D35 100% 10/18/2017
D36 100% 10/18/2017
D37 100% 10/24/2017
D38 100% 10/18/2017
D39 100% 10/18/2017
D40 100% 10/18/2017

PLEASE NOTE: If residents live in a private community, the City is required to have a signed Right of Entry document before we can begin debris removal. Document must be signed by the president/property manager of the association.

Click here to download a Blank Right of Entry Form

For additional information, please call the Department of Public Works
(561) 822-2075