History of Public Art

Since the mid-1980s, the City of West Palm Beach has improved the quality of life for its residents in many ways including the provision for an ever-changing and exciting Public Art experience. Permanent art installations abound as part of our neighborhoods, parks and urban environment.  West Palm Beach is a highly respected, forward-thinking city with a contemporary cultural identity and where aesthetics are interwoven into its award-winning public spaces. The vision continues with art professionals collaborating with architects and landscape architects, an engaged population, city officials, and staff.  The outcome is attractive and economically successful public places. The City’s Public Art installations include site-specific exterior and interior murals, whimsical seating, and colorful works on canvas and paper.  One-of-a-kind, large-scale sculpture installations created by accomplished fine artists from around the world also illuminate the City’s sensational, natural aesthetic while enhancing city pride, cultural tourism, and economic vitality.

Public Art in the City of West Palm Beach is integral to its successful revitalization. Residents and government share this interest in improving aesthetics and influencing lifestyle perception as it:

  • Represents diversity among our citizens;
  • Heightens civic input and engagement;
  • Influences the mood of the people in the area;
  • Inspires and stimulates creativity; and
  • Promotes efficient way-finding and landmark orientation throughout and within the City.