Internal Auditor’s Office

Welcome to the City of West Palm Beach web site for the Internal Auditor’s Office. We hope you gain valuable information about our role in the City from your visit.
Our efforts are focused on more effective and efficient City Operations as well as compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.

In carrying out our responsibilities, most of our time is spent completing performance audits. We also assist elected officials and staff in numerous areas such as advising on policies and procedures, analyzing information and issues, and reviewing contracts, audit reports and other documents.

As the Internal Auditor, I am appointed by the City Commission consisting of the Mayor and five City Commissioners. We report our audit results and activities directly to an Audit Committee consisting of the President of the City Commission (Chair), the Mayor and three City residents with professional expertise. These organizational and reporting structures provide the necessary independence to carry out our work in an objective manner.

Our office is made up of the City Internal Auditor, two Senior Internal Auditors, and a staff Internal Auditor. Our work is generally scheduled a year in advance by the means of a risk based Audit Plan.

We welcome your comments and suggestions to improve our services.