City saving water and tax dollars in our parks

It may be a challenge for most people to get excited about new grass going in to a local park. But when the grass is drought resistant, when water conservation is a top priority and when the grass comes in at 1/2 of the budget price, the City of West Palm Beach’s Department of Parks and Recreation gets pretty amped up!

The department recently replaced a multi-purpose field at the South Olive Community Center. After agreeing to let Odom Sod do the job, crews got to work prepping the soil underneath the field. After establishing a nice bed of soil, crews spread a product called Zeba to help with water conservation. Zeba is a small, granulated substance that absorbs and holds 400 times its weight in water. Zeba holds the water in a gel-like substance under the grass’ surface, allowing the grass 4-5 days of access to water after an initial watering! We can run the sprinkler system on Monday, and the grass has access to that same water throughout the week. Capturing and holding the water for that additional time will save millions of gallons of water throughout the life of the field.

The new method saves money (installation costs less, and less watering means less money will be spent as well) and will help our green grass contribute to West Palm Beach being a green city.

(Photo: crews help law new sod on the field near the South Olive Community Center.)