Space Heaters & Kerosene

The City of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department, urges all City residents to leave a distance of at least 3′ (3 feet) between your space or kerosene heater, and combustible items during this cold snap. All users of kerosene heaters, please be ensure that you purchase only kerosene, and not gasoline when refilling your heater. Electrical space heaters, should be in good condition, this includes the plug, as well as, the cord.

As your local fire rescue department, It is our job to provide you with the latest in fire prevention, and our long-term goal is to keep you and your family safe. It is also a good practice during this time, to verify that your smoke detector(s) are in perfect working condition. Should you have any specific questions, you may reach the Fire Marshal at (561) 804-4724.

Fire Marshal, Mike Carsillo