City Temporarily Supplementing Water Supply

(Friday, May 16, 2008)  As a temporary measure intended to supplement existing water supplies and help reduce the impact of dry weather on protected species at Grassy Waters Preserve, the City of West Palm Beach will be accessing water stored in the L-8 reservoir beginning the week of May 19, 2008.  The move is being made with the full support and cooperation of the South Florida Water Management District.

The L-8 reservoir water will be blended with water from other sources and will be treated in accordance with strict standards.  It is expected that West Palm Beach water customers WILL NOT notice any change in the quality or taste of their drinking water as a result of the L-8 water use.

This temporary measure will help support the Everglades snail kite bird population in Grassy Waters Preserve.  This protected species relies on apple snails as a primary source of food, and sufficient water levels in the preserve are critical to apple snails.

It is expected that the City will cease accessing water from the L-8 reservoir once the South Florida dry season comes to a close.