City Honored for Innovative Projects

wpb-logo-color-white-bkgd.jpgFrom water conservation to putting out City news on-line, West Palm Beach is leading the charge when it comes to innovation.  And now, some outstanding City projects are getting noticed.

The Florida League of Cities has honored the City of West Palm Beach for several innovative projects in the 2008 City Innovations Showcase.  The publication focuses on cutting-edge ways that cities enhance services, save taxpayer money, promote civic pride and volunteerism, and meet local needs.

The League of Cities recognized the following innovative projects:  CityGreen, a sustainability program; “Promote yourself first” and “Supervisory Management Resource Training,” two new training opportunities from our Human Resources Department; “Elders on the Edge” and “Homeward Bound,” two Vickers House programs that help the less fortunate in our community; the Police Department’s automatic license plate readers, which have helped contribute to a significant decrease in crime City-wide; a new integrated library system at the City’s downtown library; City Video to Go, a West Palm TV program that enables tapeless video sharing with the media; the Virtual Newsroom, an on-line collection of press releases and news; Digital Recordings, a City Clerk’s effort to record meeting audio digitally; the City Clerk’s office posting elections information on the web; electronic document management; internet recruitment for job openings; and our successful Pay-by-cellphone parking meter system.

If that list seems long to you, that’s because the City of West Palm Beach strives to be among the most innovative and efficient in the state of Florida.  We’ll continue to look for new approaches to make our government even more efficient, customer-friendly and accessible.