City Program Helping Keep Water Clean, “Green”

You may never see them or hear them, but some underground anti-pollution devices are making a big difference in West Palm Beach.

The City has installed nine massive pollution control devices (PCDs) and plans to eventually have a total of 17 in operation.  When it rains, millions of gallons of runoff water flow in to storm drains and through the PCDs, which filter out solids and pollution.  This helps keep the water clean and helps keep garbage, debris and pollution out of the intracoastal waterway.  PCDs screen out everything from plastic bottles to pieces of wood.  The environmentally-friendly devices also help remove sand, oil and other particles, helping keep waterways clean and protecting wildlife.

Money from Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management is helping to pay for the PCDs.  The City has installed several PCDs on along Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach and just north of the downtown, and is now installing more on the City’s south end.