City Hotline Ready to Serve Residents, Visitors

822.gifWhether there’s a pothole on your street, you notice a traffic signal that’s not working or you want to find out about an upcoming band at Clematis by Night, there is one number to call:


This 24-hour a day, seven day a week hotline is available for all your non-emergency needs and concerns.  City of West Palm Beach workers will take your call and then take action to get you what you need.

With this one, convenient number, there’s no more wondering who to call or where to turn when you need something from the City of West Palm Beach.  822-2222 is easy to remember, but if you program it in to your cell phone’s speed dial it’s even easier to use!

So give us a call when you see something that needs fixing or something that can be improved.  And if it’s easier for you to type us a note than to call, then you can always drop us an email at
Remember: ALWAYS call 911 for emergencies.