City’s New Parking Garage ‘Green’, High-tech

Garage to Bring more Safe, Affordable Parking to Clematis, Downtown

The City of West Palm Beach’s new Clematis Street garage is open for business and ready to serve the public.  The state-of-the-art garage is environmentally-friendly, uses technology to make parking fast and easy for customers and brings hundreds of safe and affordable parking spaces to the thriving Clematis Street corridor.

“This new garage will bring more convenient and safe parking to Clematis Street, helping the businesses there continue to grow,” said Mayor Lois J. Frankel.  “This garage is also another step in the City’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and will help us reach our goal of reducing carbon emissions.”

The 600-space garage features a high-tech parking payment system, manufactured and installed by Scheidt & Bachmann USA.  The system gives customers the option to pay by cash, debit card or credit card.  Customers can pay on foot at walk-up pay stations rather than sit in an idling car waiting to pay, cutting carbon emissions and wait times.  The system also features re-useable plastic chips to track parking times rather than paper tickets, which will reduce waste.  Additional green features include energy efficient lighting and enclosed, secure parking for thirty bicycles to help reduce travel by motor vehicle.

“This state-of-the-art garage is evidence of our City’s commitment to customer service and innovation,” said Parking Systems Administrator Sue Olley.  “We’re already working to expand the use of this new technology to our existing parking facilities to make things even easier for all our customers.”

The new technology in the garage is expected to reduce customer wait times and also lead to lower equipment maintenance costs for the City.