WPB Firefighters To “Hang Out” on Phillips Point

Firefighters to Practice Their 4th of July Rappel Down New Building 

WHO:   City of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department

5448_100418972940_57227737940_1974734_590899_nWHAT: Practice Run of Rappel & Flag Unfurling for 4th on Flagler
 If you see WPB firefighters hanging off the side of Phillips Point, there is no need for alarm and there is no emergency.  The City’s firefighters will simply be practicing their annual 4th on Flagler rappel and flag unfurling at a new location.

 The 4th on Flagler event site has moved slightly south this year along Flagler Drive due to construction of the new West Palm Beach waterfront project.  The 2009 event site will be on Flagler Drive from Fern Street to Lakeview Avenue, with additional activities in Trinity Park.

 Due to the move, WPB firefighters had to relocate their unique 4th on Flagler tradition to Phillips Point, where guests can watch the firefighters unfurl a giant four-story high American flag as they rappel down the building.  After the flag unfurl, all guests are then invited to salute our country and pledge allegiance to the flag.  The management team at Phillips Point has been more than happy to host the firefighters this year as they become familiar with their new location and try a few practice runs before the big night on the 4th of July. 

WHEN: Wednesday, July 1, 2009 at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Phillips Point Building, 777 South Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
 **Firefighters will rappel down the East Tower, on the north side of the building.  Reporters and photographers can view the rappel and flag unfurling from Trinity Park.**

 This is the 7th year the City of West Palm Beach Firefighters have unfurled the giant flag.
 It takes a total of 8 firefighters to safely rappel and unfurl the giant flag.
 The firefighters will use approximately 1500 feet of rope for the rappel and flag unfurl.
 The firefighters will practice approximately 10 times on three different days before the event.
 The giant flag is 50 feet long, which is approximately four stories high.