CNN Top 10 HERO Presentation

When: VETERANS DAY, Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 11:30
Where: West Palm Beach City Hall, 401 Clematis Street, Main Entrance

Join Mayor Lois Frankel, Congressman Ron Klein, and hundreds of veterans honoring Roy Foster, founder of Stand Down House at a CNN Event. Mr.Foster is being honored as a CNN Top 10 Hero and being awarded $25,000 for his organization which has helped over 900 veterans with alcohol and drug abuse issues and which also provides free housing. This event will feature an enthusiastic charged crowd of veterans as well as singing of the national anthem and presentations from CNN, Congress and from the City of West Palm Beach. This is the story of a vet helping other vets.

As a CNN Top 10 hero Mr.Foster is also eligible to receive an additional $100,000 if he receives the most on-line votes at