City Project Creating Jobs, Improving Local Business District

(Wednesday, February 3, 2010)  City of West Palm Beach Mayor Lois J. Frankel helped break ground today on a $4 million dollar “local stimulus” project that will create construction jobs and help spur locally-owned businesses in the Northwood Village area.

“This project will help put people to work and continues our commitment to improving and redeveloping Northwood Village,” said Mayor Frankel.

The Northwood Village infrastructure improvement project is funded by the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), a $1.2 million grant from the Florida Department of Transportation, a $500,000 grant from the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the City’s Department of Public Utilities.  The $4 million project, which will create about 40 jobs, will replace aging water pipes, improve drainage, enhance sidewalks, create additional on-street parking, improve lighting and beautify landscaping.  The improvements will help attract new businesses and help existing businesses thrive.

The City currently has 129 capital improvement projects either underway or beginning in the near future.  The projects are creating hundreds of construction jobs and improving the quality of life for a countless number of residents and visitors.

Northwood Village is an area that has seen significant revitalization in recent years.  The unique shopping district has added 20 businesses in the past 18 months.  Plans are in the works for at least two new businesses in the coming ninety days.

All residents, businesses and their customers will continue to have access to their destinations in Northwood Village throughout this construction project.