Vickers House Locations Offering Assistance with Filling Out the Census Form

Vickers House now has representatives from the Census Bureau at both Vickers House locations offering assistance with filling out the Census Form—

•    these reps will be assisting people with filling out a Census Card-( translating in English, Spanish  and Creole)
•    a Be Counted Box will also be available at both locations -(containing blank census cards)-where people can just come by to pick up a Census Card(in case one was not mailed to their home)

Hours for Vickers House South when Reps will be present:

MWF   9-12:00
MWF   1:30-4:30
TT        9-12:00

Hours for Vickers House North When Reps will be present:

MWF    9-12:00
TT       1:30-4:30

Vickers House South is located at:
3801 Georgia Ave.
West Palm Beach, Fl  33401
For Information call: 804-4975

Vickers House North is located at:
811 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
West Palm Beach, Fl  33405
For Information call: 804-4970

You Count in West Palm Beach!  Census 2010.
10 Questions. 10 Minutes. Census forms are arriving in the mail. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference. By answering 10 simple questions, you can help our community get its fair share of government funds to improve our schools, roads, hospitals, child care, senior centers, public transportation, job-training programs and much more. Please return your census form. It’s easy. It’s important. It’s safe.