Free Help Reducing Energy Costs For Qualified Residents

The City of West Palm Beach Vickers House is pleased to assist Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc. in it’s efforts to distribute applications for the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) which is provided through the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs. The program’s mission is to reduce heating and cooling costs by improving the energy efficiency of the home. This enables low-income families to permanently reduce their energy bills.

By reducing the energy bills of low-income families instead of offering aid, weatherization reduces dependency and liberates these funds for spending on more pressing family issues. On average, weatherization reduces heating bills by 31% and overall energy bills by $274 per year.

This program is funded annually by the Department of Energy and receives supplemental funding from the Department of Human Services.

To qualify:

Participants must own and occupy the home to be repaired.

Funding Priority:

Preference is given to single-family detached homes, elderly (60 years-plus) or physically disabled residents, families with children under 12 and households with a high energy burden (repeatedly high utility bills).

Priority list of possible weatherization activities and/or repairs:

1. Air Sealing and General Heat/Cooling Waste – seal openings to prevent waste. Addresses air infiltration: weather stripping, caulking, thresholds. Including other required measures such as Water Heater Tank Wrap, Water Pipe Insulation, Faucet Aerators, Low Flow Shower Heads, HVAC Filters.

2. Attic Insulation – installation of insulation (to improve to minimum R-30)

3. Dense-Pack Sidewall insulation – installation of insulation

4. Solar Window Screens – installation of solar window screen

5. Installation of Smart Thermostat for central heating and cooling systems

6. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) – replace incandescent bulbs with CFL’s

7. Seal and Insulate Ducts – seal central heating and cooling system duct work

8. Refrigerator – replace inefficient refrigerators

9. Addressing heating and cooling systems – repair, upgrade and or replace inefficient systems

Participants can pick up the applications at either Vickers House locations, if you are Homebound and need special assistance in filling out this application please call:

Vickers House South: 3801 Georgia Avenue, (561) 804-4975
Vickers House North: 811 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., (561) 804-4970

Participants must have the following documents with your application for you to be eligible:

Application for Housing Assistance – completed and signed (attached)

Authorization to Release Information – signature only (attached)

Homeowner Questionnaire (attached)

Consent to Inspection (attached)

Copy of Driver’s License or other photo ID – all adults in household

Copy of Social Security card for all household members

Proof of current income :

Past 3 months of pay stubs for all working adults (18 & older)

Benefit Statements for Social Security, AFDC, Retirement, etc. – This is the statement received from the provider outlining your current monthly benefit, we cannot use the form sent to file your taxes the previous year.

If self employed, most recent tax return

Child Support – Copy of Divorce Decree or Child Support Order

Bank statements for past 3 months

Proof of homeownership – Copy of Deed or Homestead Exemption certificate, from property appraiser’s office

For mobile homes – copy of title and copy of deed or lease on land

Copy of Energy Bills for most recent month

Copy of Disability Documentation if seeking a priority advantage on the applicant waiting list. (i.e. copy of your disability award letter, letter from Doctor)

Once received, Indiantown Non-Profit Housing, Inc. will contact applicant for further processing.