City to Receive Water from the L8 Reservoir

Due to the extreme drought conditions The South Florida Water Management District with approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is prepared to release water from the L8 Reservoir to the City of West Palm Beach effective Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 8:00 pm.

This water will help supplement the City’s water supply and will be mixed with water in the “M” canal prior to its movement to Lake Mangonia and Clear Lake.

The City will monitor the L8 Reservoir water for water quality and chlorides as it travels down the “M” canal. The water will be held at Control Structure 4 until water quality tests show chlorides do not exceed acceptable standards. If the chlorides are within acceptable standards the water will be further diluted with water from the City’s well discharges beyond Control Structure 4.

Other entities have access to the L8 Reservoir water. The proposed discharge is 83 CFS (cubic feet per second) or approximately 51 million gallons per day. The City will be allowed to pull water for approximately 8 hours per day.

The City needs all water users to conserve water during these extreme drought conditions. The area rain fall is 24 inches below normal.

Restaurants are encouraged to only serve water upon request, condo and homeowner associations should not run their fountains as frequently, if at all, and all residents should make sure their washers and dishwashers are only run with full loads. Any water saved through conservation measures will be a help to get us through this difficult time.

Since Friday, June 17, City staff has been actively enforcing the current one day per week water restrictions with approximately one hundred warnings and four citations issued.

For more water saving tips and conservation measures please visit