Vickers House Request for Assistance: Homeward Bound Program

Dear Friends, We need your help once again!
As you know, many poor people in our community are still losing their homes and we have been confronted with more families and individuals than ever before who have become Homeless, (Folks who don’t have a drug or alcohol problem) — Just people down on their luck who are living on our streets in our community.

Therefore, the only solution I can offer is our Homeward Bound Program!  Since we began this program we have sent 803 people back home to family (109 have been children), at an average Bus Ticket Cost of $124.99 a ticket.  As you know we operate this program strictly with donations from the community and the entire donation goes to the purchase of a non-refundable/non-transferable bus ticket home- there’s no overhead- no administrative fees- your dollars go strictly to the purchase of the ticket!

To update you, when a person or family come to us who are Homeless and  wish to return home, we contact their family to ask if the Homeless family member would be welcomed and supported until they can get their life in order. If the family agrees to these responsibilities, then we conduct a warrant check.  Once all of these conditions are satisfied then we arrange for the non-transferable/non-refundable Greyhound bus ticket home.  We also provide donated snacks for the trip home, and Staff escort the Homeless person or family to the Bus Station, seeing them off on their long journey home. Note:  Additions to this requirement are when underage children are involved, then additional documents are required such as birth certificate, school ID, proof of custody, etc. to ensure that the adult making application for Homeward Bound does have legal guardianship of   the children to travel.

Of course there are no guarantees what their future may bring, but at least we have given them hope and a second chance for happiness!  We need your donations immediately to keep this program going—-times are only getting worse for low-income people living in our community and on our streets—they just can not make it here any longer and just want to go home!  Please Help us reunite them with their family!

Please, If you can help, make your checks payable to our fiscal agent (Friends of the Needy, Inc. is a 501-C-3 organization). All donations are tax deductible and each donor will receive an acknowledgment of their donation.

Please designate the check for the Homeward Bound Program! Mail to:

Friends of the Needy, Inc.
Post Office Box 6506
West Palm Beach, Fl 33405
Lela Jordan
Vickers House, Youth & Family Services
City of West Palm Beach FL
(561) 804-4975