City and FPL Lights Coleman Park Neighborhood

The City of West Palm Beach and Florida Power and Light will provide street lighting to targeted areas of Coleman Park.
Following meetings with neighborhood leaders, city staff developed a lighting plan consistent with the improvement plan and revitalization of the historic area. New lighting will be installed and some existing lighting will be moved to provide for a more effective system. FPL is providing the lights and their installation free of charge and the City will pay only for the electricity used.
Mayor Jeri Muoio supports the revitalization effort and this necessary improvement, “This new lighting not only enhances the look of the neighborhood in the evening it also is a deterrent to anyone who would attempt to break the law under the cover of darkness. As we continue the work in Coleman Park we will look for more opportunities that improve the quality of life and safety for those who call this community home.”
The City Commission passed the resolution No. 240-11 and work will begin shortly.