Palm Harbor Marina and Flagler Memorial Bridge

The City of West Palm Beach (City), the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and Leisure Resorts, LLC (Leisure), the City’s tenant and operator of Palm Harbor Marina, are pleased to announce that efforts to resolve the ongoing dispute between the City, the Marina and FDOT regarding the location and construction of the replacement of Flagler Memorial Bridge have been successful.  At its May 14 meeting, the City Commission will consider a pre-litigation mediated settlement agreement that will fully resolve the dispute with FDOT.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, if it is approved by the City, FDOT will compensate Leisure and the City to acquire the rights necessary to proceed with the permitting process and construction activity for the bridge project.  It is anticipated that the compensation from FDOT for such rights will be used by the City to relocate the City’s northern dock and Leisure would reconfigure the Marina’s southernmost dock.  Any remaining balance would be split between the City and Leisure in accordance with the settlement agreement.

Leisure, with the City’s support, recently made a substantial investment in Palm Harbor Marina expanding and reconstructing it to create a first class destination for some of the world’s finest yachts.  FDOT has spent several years planning the design and construction of the replacement of the Flagler Memorial Bridge that will modernize and beautify the northern link between the City and the Town of Palm Beach.  A timely resolution to this dispute should allow the City and Leisure to continue their efforts to make the City’s waterfront  and new Marina successful, while also allowing FDOT to proceed with the much-needed new bridge construction.