City of West Palm Beach Water Restrictions

City residents now can follow less severe SFWMD guidelines

June 13, 2012 – Effective today, the City of West Palm Beach is lifting the one-day-per-week landscape irrigation restrictions that were put into place June, 2011.

For the past year, City of West Palm Beach residents had been required to follow a landscape irrigation schedule that restricted watering in most common cases to only once per week. Those restrictions end today, allowing city residents to now follow the more widespread watering schedule by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).

The SFWMD schedule allows for watering of residential lawns three (3) days per week.

“Our ability to lift the City restrictions is not only due to the increased rain but also due to the creation of the City’s new Drought Management Plan that will now protect us from the type of severe conditions we’ve seen in the past,” said Elliot Cohen, a spokesman for the City of West Palm Beach.

A detailed explanation of the SFWMD watering schedule can be found on their website,

Recently the City of West Palm Beach created a new Drought Management Plan intended to protect the City against even severe drought conditions. The plan includes several steps to ensure an adequate water supply for City residents.