Clematis Project Ahead of Schedule

Almost a week ahead of schedule, the Clematis Street Streetscape project has moved from the 500 block to the 400 block of Clematis Street, allowing crews to reopen the 500 block of Clematis Street ahead of schedule. While some work is still underway on the 500 block, it has been reopened to vehicle traffic.

The Clematis Street Streetscape project includes new landscaping and decorative street lights to bike racks, benches and bollards.

As of today, June 25th, 2012 the 500 block of Clematis is once again open to traffic. The project is now located on the 400 block of Clematis Street. The work involves the removal and replanting of palm trees, new landscaping, new electrical services, new irrigation, new streetlights  and poles, new bollards, bike racks, benches and litter receptacles and new asphalt and pavement markings. The 400 block section is expected to reopen to traffic July 13th.

Even while work is underway, all pedestrian walkways on the 400 block of Clematis Street will remain open. In addition, all the businesses along the 400 block of Clematis Street will also remain open.  The only effect of the project will be for drivers who will find the 400 block of Clematis Street closed to traffic while the work is underway.

In an effort to minimize the impact of the work on local businesses, the City of West Palm Beach will be providing signage reminding pedestrians that businesses along the 400 block of Clematis Street remain open for business during the course of the work.

In addition, the City has intentionally scheduled the entire project (which will later include the 200 and 300 blocks of Clematis Street) to take place “off-season” to further minimize the impact on nearby businesses.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding this project, please contact the West Palm Beach Engineering and Public Works Department at 561-494-1040.