City Launches New Storm Info Network

“Isaac” could be the first WPB emergency requiring new multi-platform activation.

West Palm Beach, Florida – Officials with the City of West Palm Beach are closely monitoring the progress of TS Isaac at this time. Earlier today, a multi-department storm meeting was held at City Hall to ensure the City’s storm response plan is ready for implementation.

“The City is going over its hurricane response plans, and that is exactly what all our residents should be doing as well,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “Take advantage of the next few days and make sure you have everything you need should the storm head towards our area. Even if ‘Isaac’ doesn’t impact us, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the next time.”

In the event that ‘Isaac’ threatens the West Palm Beach area, there will be several places for residents to find up-to-the-minute information regarding public safety, debris collection, affected roadways, flooding, closures, etc. The City will be using Twitter, Facebook, an emergency website, the city WPB-TV channel 18, and the city hotline number. This storm would mark the first time the City activated its new notification plans across multiple platforms.

Twitter: Updated City of West Palm Beach information will be released via Twitter during a storm. Follow: @westpalmbch

Facebook: The main City of West Palm Beach Facebook page will also provide the latest storm-related information. The main City of West Palm Beach Facebook page is, or search for “City of West Palm Beach” on FB.

Website: In the event of a storm, the main City of West Palm Beach web page will be replaced with an emergency storm web page providing updated information. The City of West Palm Beach website is: Other city websites (the police department, the library, etc.) will prominently display on their home pages links to the main city page for storm information.

WPB-TV: The City of West Palm Beach television station, WPB-TV channel 18 will also provide updates and important information for city residents.

822-2222: The City of West Palm Beach hotline number 822-2222 will provide updated storm information to callers.