City Announces “Project Open Access”

Multiple-media, multiple-venue, & multiple-month
effort to open up access to City Hall

Online Twitter Town Halls

City-wide Neighborhood Town Hall Meetings

Morning Coffee Talks at various city coffee shops

For immediate release

September 13, 2012

West Palm Beach, Florida – Would you like to chat with West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio over your morning coffee?  Perhaps you’re more high-tech, and want to chat with her over Twitter. Or maybe you’re more interested in joining your neighbors for a traditional town hall meeting with your City Commissioner and the Mayor. No matter how you want to reach us, we’re taking your questions!

As part of her promise to make city government more transparent, Mayor Jeri Muoio is launching “Project Open Access,” a series of efforts to open up the doors to city hall.

She will be hosting the first ever Twitter chat with the Mayor. Together with members of the City Commission, she will also be holding a series of city-wide town hall meetings. Finally, you can grab some morning coffee with her as she spends time in various coffee shops across the city.

“When I ran for Mayor, I talked a lot about transparency. People should be able to reach their mayor and ask questions about their city, share ideas, and get updates on things that are important to them,” said Mayor Muoio. “We’re trying to open up the process to as many people as possible regardless of whether they’re tech-savvy or more comfortable over a casual cup of coffee.”

“We all understand the importance of accountability to our residents. We also know that many of our residents simply don’t have the time to come to City Hall to speak to us. That’s why it’s important that we do what we can to make government as accessible as possible,” said City Commission President Keith James.

Both the Twitter Town Halls as well as “Morning Joe with Mayor Muoio” will be held monthly.  The neighborhood town hall meetings will be as scheduled. All events will be spread across different sections of the city. Here are the dates for the first month of the new effort:

Neighborhood Town Hall
Sept. 20 @ 6pm
South Olive Community Center
City District 5 (south end)
345 Summa Street


Morning Joe with Mayor Muoio
Sept. 21 @ 8am
Harold’s Coffee
509 Northwood Road


Twitter Town Hall
Sept. 24 @ 7pm


Neighborhood Town Hall
Oct. 2 @ 6pm
Baywinds Clubhouse
City District 4 (western areas)
5200 Baywinds Drive


Neighborhood Town Hall
Oct. 10 @ 6pm
Gaines Park
City District 1 (north end)
1501 N. Australian Avenue

Additional dates for all the events, as well as for the two remaining commission district town halls will be determined as details are confirmed. All updates on new events will be posted on the City’s website and social media sites: