Hear directly from key people in Digital Domain story

Three key players answer FAQ’s on Digital Domain

On September 14th, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, West Palm Beach Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell and West Palm Beach City Attorney Claudia McKenna sat down to answer questions about Digital Domain.

The interviews were video taped, but not immediately made public because of concerns that any public comments at the time by city officials might be premature because we had not yet stated our legal position in the bankruptcy court.

Now that the City has filed papers with the Bankruptcy court establishing its right to the automatic return of the City’s “Tent” site property involved in the Digital Domain story, we want the public to also be able to hear first-hand from some of the people closest to the story.

(click http://wpb.org/2012/09/wpb-files-its-argument-for-the-digital-domain-property/ for more details on the filing).

It’s important to remember that these interviews were done several weeks ago, and there have been many developments since then. Mayor Muoio held a news conference on September 19th taking all media questions, and she has had three public events allowing residents to ask her questions directly.

The papers filed on September 25th (rather than statements made in the videos) represent the City’s current legal position.

Yet we still think it is valuable for the public to hear from some of those individuals involved in the Digital Domain story.

Mayor Jeri Muoio

Commissioner Kimberly Mitchell

Attorney Claudia McKenna