City releases hundreds of pages of Digital Domain Investigations

(West Palm Beach, Florida) – Before entering into an agreement with Digital Domain to create a digital animation education program, the City of West Palm Beach hired outside investigators to conduct several background checks of Digital Domain, former DD CEO John Textor, Mr. Textor’s associates and other business ventures. The result was 233 pages contained in six separate reports.

While the City continues its work in bankruptcy court regarding the involved land, as part of its effort to provide the public with as much information as it can, the City of West Palm Beach today is releasing to the public those investigation reports.

The private investigation firm of Lemieux & Associates was hired to look into criminal records, business records, court records, public filings with various agencies and more. Their work was part of the overall vetting process that went on before the City agreed to enter into an agreement with Digital Domain.

Lemieux & Associates produced six reports, looking into Digital Domain Holdings Corp, John Textor, and Johnathan Teaford, as well as two Textor-related business ventures called Baby Universe Inc, and Sims Snowboards/Lydian Trust Co.

We invite the public to inspect these documents if desired.  After being posted here on the web for a month for the public to read, they are now on file at West Palm Beach City Hall.