New Video Unfiltered & Unedited: “Open Access” Rolls On

Latest neighborhood Mayor Muoio Town Hall

meeting allowed residents to ask about all the

hot topics directly to the Mayor & her staff.


West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio held her latest in a series of open town hall meetings this week in the community center at Gaines Park. The meeting was part of her “Open Access” campaign which includes town hall meetings, twitter chats, and visits to neighborhood coffee houses.

For over an hour the discussion covered such issues as public safety, economic development, and the new city budget. No issue was off limits.

Also on hand to answer resident questions was Police Chief Vincent Demasi, Finance Director Jeff Greene, and Director of Public Works Danielle Slaterpryce.

Both the Twitter Town Halls as well as “Morning Joe with Mayor Muoio” will be held monthly.  The neighborhood town hall meetings will be as scheduled. All events will be spread across different sections of the city.

All updates on new events will be posted on the City’s website and social media sites.