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Development Analysis

Proposed Users and Street Liners

This significant site connects the urban environment of this thriving downtown with the spectacular waterfront that draws visitors to the area.  Its location to the north of Clematis Street continues the growth of the economic center to the north and unites the downtown with the existing buildings and facilities to the north.


This prominent location is ideal for a mixed use development providing a hotel and luxury residential apartments with retail, restaurant, and amenities accessible on the street levels.  Combines with waterfront, public open space, this project will encourage enjoyment by residents and visitors alike.


Banyan Street


A luxury 12 story, 200-room hotel will front on Banyan Street providing guests with pedestrian connection to Clematis Street and the waterfront.  The Banyan streetscape will be lined with retail spaces on each side of the hotel entrance lobby.


Narcissus Avenue


The design respects the urban grid maintaining the line of Narcissus Avenue while converting this small section of street to a pedestrian use.  A proposed restaurant will occupy the corner of Banyan and Narcissus and engage the park site to the east with spectacular waterfront views from its second level.  This use will be viewed from the fountain at Clematis Street and invite pedestrians to the north.  The new pedestrian way created on Narcissus fronting the open space of the park will be lined with retail uses on the ground level and hotel event and meeting spaces above.  The event spaces will step back and open onto a terrace overlooking the park and water to allow for outdoor events unique to South Florida hotel venues.


2nd Street


Where the north edge of the project meets 2nd Street, the building corner will be open and terraced planters and fountain features will connect visually to the hotel pool deck above.  The openness creates a sense of joining the public and private spaces and is sensitive to the green space of the park to the east and the playground and church site to the north.


Facing 2nd Street is an ideal location for luxury residential use with townhomes lining this quiet street.  This arrangement is sensitive to the church site across the street minimizing traffic and encouraging safe pedestrian routes.


Olive Avenue


Ground floor and second level retail and office spaces will line Olive Avenue long side the lobby to a luxury residential building of 265 apartments.  The bus and trolly stop on Olive Avenue will remain and encourage the use of public transportation by residents, hotel guests and business patrons.


Building Height


On all sides, the project will present a friendly streetscape encouraging a vibrant pedesrtian atmosphere.  Within, the active liner uses conceal a 3-1/2 level parking garage providing 560 spaces.  Above, a split level deck provides open spaces and swimming pools for both the hotel guests and residents.


This unique site lies between the urban environment and street grid to the south and west and opens to the waterfront, green spaces and gentle curve of Flagler Drive to the north and east.  Our design responds to these surroundings locating the building towers along Banyan and Olive and stepping down with green roofs and terraces to the north and east.  As described earlier the open space and pool decks of the 4th level terrace down with planters and water elements at the northeast corner to the park site.


Waterfront Connectivity


The conversion of Narcissus Avenue into a pedestrian way will draw downtown visitors towards the park site, waterfront and marina.  This new pedestrian promanade will be lined on one side with small retail shops and a cafe, and will open to the green space of the park.  Retail shops in this area could serve the marina and hotel guests, as well as residents.


On the second level, the hotel event spaces open onto a large terrace overlooking the park and waterfront.  The north end of the terrace will cascade down to the park level with planters and fountain features.


This design would create an ideal venue for weddings and celebrations allowing events to be held in the outdoor green space adding to the vibrant activity of the waterfront.  The hotel amenities could easily serve events in the park held during the City’s annual celebrations, Sunfest and Fourth on Flagler.


The terraced, northeast corner of the building provides an open visual connection to the open space and pool decks above and continues the green space vertically.  The building plaza and park will be designed as an extension of the waterfront development on the east side of Flagler.