Banned and Burned: Literary Censorship

In 1933 hundreds of brilliant authors had their books burned by the Nazis.  Just a few months after Adolf Hitler came to power and six years before the start of World War II, German university students targeted writings alleged to be “un-German” in spirit by orchestrating book burnings across Nazi Germany.
The West Palm Beach Library Foundation will present Banned and Burned: Literary Censorship and the Loss of Freedom, an emotional and unforgettable series of events that will feature the traveling exhibition Fighting the Fires of Hate: America and the Nazi Book Burnings from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.  The eight-week presentation provides a vivid look at the first steps the Nazis took to suppress freedom of expression, and the strong response from the United States.
The Library Foundation will host a variety of programs and unique gatherings which explore the impact of censoring, banning and burning books, including:

• Unique performances by Palm Beach Dramaworks portraying authors whose books were burned by the Nazis

• Jazz event presented by the Friends of the Library featuring music censored by the Nazis

• Guest experts speaking on the Nazi book burnings and the history of book censorship in the United States

• Film series on literary censorship, book burnings and the Holocaust

• Banned and burned books display, discussion groups and ongoing exhibition tours

• Essay contests for local students examining the impact of censorship

• By-invitation VIP reception and exhibition tour
Help us share these important lessons of history with our children and our community.
Please contact the Foundation at 561-868-7715 for more information.