City Releases Proposed Red Light Camera Locations

(West Palm Beach, FL) – Today the City of West Palm Beach released the proposed locations for future red light cameras in the city.  The red light camera program received preliminary approval during the January 22, 2013 City Commission meeting.

Because of the terms of the agreement between the city and red light camera company, the cameras will not cost the city any money. The city is not obligated to pay for the cameras unless they generate enough revenue to cover their costs. However, the purpose behind the red light camera program is not to generate money for the city. The city does not receive the vast majority of the fine from each ticket. The purpose is to encourage safer driving.

“We want the public to know exactly where we are putting the cameras.  We are not trying to play “gotcha” with our drivers. We want everyone to know where the cameras are going so they remember to drive responsibly and safely not only where there are cameras, but every time they get behind the wheel,” said West Palm Beach Police Chief Vincent Demasi.

Here are the proposed camera locations: