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Mayor Muoio: Put Election Behind Us & Get Down To Work

(West Palm Beach, FL) – One day after what some have characterized as an unusually contentious campaign for West Palm Beach city commission, West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio today said this is now the time for everyone to be prepared to make concessions in order to get the work of the city done.

Speaking to reporters during her weekly media availability, Mayor Muoio said one of her priorities moving ahead is to make sure to prepare members of the city commission on topics that are going to be discussed. Muoio said city staff is “working hard to make sure we do that better.”

Mayor Muoio publicly supported city commission candidate Gregg Weiss over current city commissioner Shanon Materio. Materio beat Weiss to retain her District 5 seat on the city commission.

Mayor Muoio was asked about her prediction regarding working relationships between herself and the city commission.

“I know things will calm down. We are going to continue to work together to get the job done. I know that is the commitment from all the commissioners. Election season is always a little tense.”

The Materio-Weiss race was the only contested race for city commission. City Commissioners Keith James and Ike Robinson retained their commission seats without opposition.