Take the Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation

Vote online to save water from April 1 through April 30

April 3, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – Did you know that the water supply for West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, and South Palm Beach is derived from annual rainfall captured and stored within the 27 square mile wetland system of Grassy Waters Preserve?

Did you know saving water also saves energy?  It takes energy to pump and treat water, so by doing your part, it really adds up!

Join West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio in the Wyland Foundation National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation by pledging to save water for West Palm Beach.

By taking the pledge, you are automatically registered for prizes to be awarded in five winning cities that have the highest percentages of participation.  Prizes include a Toyota Prius, custom designed sprinkler systems from RainBird, gift cards to Lowe’s and water bottles.

Winning cities will be announced on May 3rd.  Prize winners will be announced on June 15.

By using water efficiently, we help preserve water supplies for future generations, save energy and money and protect the environment.  How can you help?

Go online at http://www.mywaterpledge.com, enter “West Palm Beach, Florida” and take the pledge now!

The West Palm Beach City Commission passed a Proclamation declaring April as Water Conservation Month.

The goal of Water Conservation Month is to inspire behavior changes that help us save water, such as reducing irrigation times, using low flow faucets or replacing leaky toilet flappers.

Support your city – Take The Pledge!

Read more online at http://wpb.org/sustainability.