WPB City Commissioners Sworn in for New Term

April 4, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – During a ceremony in the chambers of the West Palm Beach City Commission, two re-elected commissioners and one newly elected but returning commissioner were sworn in for the 2013 legislative session.

Commissioners Keith James and Isaac Robinson, Jr. took the oath of office after being re-elected without opposition last month. Commissioner Shanon Materio was elected to continue representing the south end of the city after being appointed to the position last year. Her appointment followed the death of former City Commissioner Bill Moss.

Robinson’s Commission District #2 includes neighborhoods primarily between I-95 and Military Trail from Okeechobee Boulevard north to the city limit.


“As I begin my 8th term as a commissioner here in our city, my objectives continue to be the same as the first term. Namely, continue improving the quality of life for our citizens,” said Commissioner Robinson.

James represents West Palm Beach Commission District #4, which primarily includes the  communities of the city west of Military Trail.


“I am honored and humbled that I will have the opportunity to serve the citizens of West Palm Beach for another two-year term,” said Commissioner James.  “This is an exciting time in the City’s history, and I look forward to working with the Mayor and my fellow Commissioners on tackling the significant issues affecting the City, including balancing the budget, continued economic development within the City, and adopting a long-term water supply plan to benefit all the citizens of West Palm Beach.”

Materio represents the city’s southern neighborhoods, with District #5 stretching from Okeechobee Boulevard south to the city limits, primarily from I-95 to Dixie Highway, but extending east to the water once you get below Plymouth Road.


“I have learned two important lessons recently; the first is that running for elected office and winning is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience; and second, as hard as running a campaign may be, governing is much more challenging,” said Commissioner Materio. “Knowing that you have to make the right decision on every issue, every single time, requires a great deal of attention to every detail and thought process of every possible impact your decision will have. I want everyone to know, I will not let them down.”

Despite representing specific areas of the city, all commissioners are elected city-wide.

In addition to swearing in the three commissioners, the Commission also voted 4-1 to keep Keith James as the City Commission President.  The primary role of the Commission President is to fill in for the Mayor if the Mayor is unavailable.