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Mayor Muoio Holds First Ever Walking Town Hall

April 25, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – They say there’s no substitute for seeing it with your own eyes, and West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio agrees. ┬áThat’s why she just held the first ever “Walking Town Hall” along the streets of the city’s historic El Cid neighborhood. It was the first of many future “Walking Town Halls” that will be held across the city.

On Saturday, Mayor Muoio joined several residents on a two hour walking tour of the area. As the group moved from block to block, neighbors pointed out what’s great about the area, what needs some work, and what issues need to be addressed by city staff.

“I decided to take my town hall meetings out into the neighborhood because there’s nothing better than getting a first hand look at the issues that are important to the residents we serve,” said Mayor Muoio. “It’s one thing to be told about what’s happening across the city. It’s entirely different to be able to see it from a neighbors point of view.”


From block to block, the people who walked with the Mayor were able to point out code enforcement issues, traffic concerns, and neighborhood success stories.  Several times people who were not part of the walking town hall stopped along the roadside to meet the Mayor and offer their thoughts on the area.

“Hi, I’m the Mayor,” Muoio said to one man who pulled up on his bicycle to see what was going on. He clearly didn’t expect to see the Mayor walking the neighborhood, but was more than happy to spend a few minutes offering his take on what’s happening around his home.

The Walking Town Halls are part of Mayor Muoio’s ongoing “Open Access Campaign” commitment to come up with new ways to allow residents to see their government at work, to participate in the future of the city and to have easy access to the men and women in city government.


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