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Due to an equipment failure, WPB TV 18 is currently off the air. Click for more details.

June 27, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – The failure of a computer memory card has left the City of West Palm Beach television station off the air.

Shortly after airing a neighborhood meeting Wednesday evening, the computer that controls all the programming on the air shut down.  Despite efforts to restart the system, programming was not able to be immediately restored.

Thursday, computer technicians pulled out and examined the equipment and determined that a damaged memory card was responsible for the failure.  The card contains the operating system used by the computer to generate the programming for WPB TV 18.

“Unfortunately, the card isn’t able to be repaired. It needs to be replaced,” said West Palm Beach Director of Communications Elliot Cohen. “We’ve called the company that services the system, and they are shipping a replacement part overnight but we may not receive it until Friday afternoon.”

If the replacement part is received in time to be installed Friday, the station is expected to be on the air over the weekend. If not, it is possible the station would remain off the air until Monday.

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