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Police Stage One-Day Outreach to Help Homeless

Project Daily Encounter:

If they don’t come to us for help, WPB PD will go to them.

July 12, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – For one specific day later this month, the West Palm Beach Police Department will concentrate on picking up more than criminals as they protect and serve.

On Thursday, July 18th officers in the south end of the city will be looking for homeless men, women and children. They will be offering them a ride to get some much needed help. The effort is called Project Daily Encounter.

Throughout the morning, officers will be providing rides to the city’s Vicker’s House where individuals can receive referrals to emergency shelters, intake and assessment, transitional housing and support services.

“These are some of our most vulnerable residents, and as a community we have an obligation to help them,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “The truth is, while Project Daily Encounter is a one day concentrated effort, the city is constantly helping individuals find the assistance they need. Sometimes it just doesn’t make the headlines until we give it a fancy name.”

“This program is an excellent example of the length our officers are going to help those in need,” said West Palm Beach Police Chief Vincent Demasi. “Police work isn’t about riding around in cars with the windows rolled up waiting for a call on the radio. It’s about getting out and helping the community. It’s about reaching out and touching the people we serve in a positive way.”

Once dropped off by officers, staff will provide information and referrals to a variety of services for which the homeless may qualify.  Food and beverages will also be provided.  The plan is to assist as many people as possible including determining if they qualify for social security, disability, veteran benefits or other available services.

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