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NEW VIDEO: Mayor Muoio says No Tax Increase & No Hike in Fire Fee

August 21, 2013


(West Palm Beach, FL) – West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio revealed details of her proposed budget today, and she announced for the first time her plan will not include a hike in either millage rate or the fire fee.

The announcement came during the Mayor’s regular weekly media availability.

Mayor Muoio and her budget team have been working to close a $8.5 million dollar gap in next years budget. Significant increases in both the property tax rate as well as the fire assessment fee have both been discussed as ways to close the gap.

The city’s current fire fee is $25 dollars.  Budget discussions have included the possibility of raising the fire fee to $85 dollars. Today Mayor Muoio announced she will be proposing a budget to the city commission that does not require any increase in the fire fee.

Mayor Muoio’s budget proposal also calls for no change in the city millage rate, the rate property owners pay for property taxes.

“My recommendation will be that the millage remain the same as last year, and that the fire fee also remain the same as last year,” said Mayor Muoio.

Over the past several months, Mayor Muoio has directed city departments to slash their budgets, and find ways to save as much money as possible.  Those efforts have reduced the budget gap from $8.5 million dollars to just $2.5 million dollars.

Muoio says she will propose to the city commission that the remaining gap be closed by using money from the city’s reserve fund.

“We can take money from the reserve fund this year without hurting the city’s financial position, but this is not something we can continue to do in the long term,” said Muoio. “We must find ways to increase the city’s tax base, and that means increasing property development and property values.”

Mayor Muoio will present her budget proposal to the City Commission Thursday for consideration.

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