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City’s Top ISO Rating Will Help Keep Homeowners’ Insurance Low


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Review of City Building Codes Maintains Top ISO Rating


September 10, 2013


(West Palm Beach, FL) – On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the best, earning a two is practically as good as you can get.

That’s exactly how high the new rating was from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) after reviewing the quality and enforcement of the city’s building codes.

ISO ratings are used by insurance companies to determine how much to charge homeowners. Building codes ISO ratings are similar to the ISO ratings done for decades involving municipal fire departments.

According to the data, the ranking puts West Palm Beach in the top 6% across the state of Florida and in the top 2% nationwide.

Inspectors from the the independent rating agency recently audited and analyzed the city’s building codes. The ratings are used by insurance companies to determine credits given to property owners to lower insurance premiums. The latest inspections maintained the city’s “2” ratings in both residential and commercial categories.

“This rating is the direct result of the hard work being done by our code enforcement officers, and many others here at the city,” said West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio. “Being able to earn such a high rating will help our residents keep their insurance rates as low as possible.”

“It’s a question of cause and effect. Having strong and properly enforced building codes leads to safer buildings which leads to less damage during natural disasters such as hurricanes,” said Rick Greene, West Palm Beach Development Services Director. Greene’s department includes code enforcement. “That’s what insurance companies are looking for to offer lower rates,” added Greene.

According to ISO, “The concept is simple: municipalities with effective, well-enforced codes should demonstrate better loss experience, and [property owners’] insurance rates can reflect that.”

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