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Ten Firms Come Forward For CRA Bid

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September 20, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – Representatives from ten companies attended an information session for firms possibly  interested in the city’s outsourcing of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).

Wednesday afternoon, the city held an information session for anyone interested in responding to the city’s call for a company to staff the CRA.  The session was intended to allow any interested company to ask questions or seek clarifications regarding what the city is looking for before submitting a formal proposal.

The companies ranged from a real estate investment firm to a self-described “global leader in consulting, design, design-build, operations, and program management.” They also included the firm led by former West Palm Beach CRA Director Kim Briesmeister.

“We hold these info sessions every time the city looks for vendors and goes through a similar process, but we usually don’t publicize them,” said Communications Director Elliot Cohen. “But for this case, we are bending over backward to make sure the public knows as much of the process as possible. Transparency is a priority for this selection.”

The city is looking to restructure and outsource the staffing of the CRA in an effort to make the agency better able to adapt to changing needs.

Members of the city’s procurement department as well as the CRA answered questions from approximately a dozen representatives of the various companies.  The purpose of the session was to give companies a chance to get further clarification on what the city is looking for before writing their proposals.

The city has asked firms to submit what is called a “Request for Qualifications,” or RFQ.  The RFQ process does not require firms to specify a cost for their services. Instead, it is a chance for a company to try to convince the city they are the most qualified firm for the job.  It is similar to a job interview process. The first step is to convince the city to pick them.  Once the selection is made, the process of negotiating costs and services begins. However, if both sides can’t reach an agreement, the city is free to either begin discussions with a second firm, or with none at all.

While there is no indication whether anyone attending the session will eventually submit a formal proposal, the companies (in alphabetical order) with individuals attending the session included:


APD Urban Planning & Management
Global Business Development Center
Kennedy Wilson
L.B. Limited & Associates
Redevelopment Management Associates
Special District Services
The Urban Group


It is possible that firms attending the information session will decide not to submit proposals. It is also possible that companies that did not attend the session might decide to apply.  The deadline for applications is October 4th.

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