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Mayor’s Task Force Tackles Downtown Alleys


October 22, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – Less than acceptable conditions along the back alleys of West Palm Beach’s downtown streets is prompting action by a new mayoral task force.

Monday, a group consisting of several city departments including Sanitation, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, the Community Redevelopment Agency, Sustainability and Administration met to begin tackling the issues involving downtown’s alleys.

A recent inspection by city officials found piles of decaying recycled boxes, bags of trash awaiting collection, and other problems demanding action.

The city currently picks up trash six days per week in the alleys, but businesses appear to be creating more garbage than the current system can quickly handle. Recycled cardboard is also picked up several times per week, but it too is being dumped in the alleys at an increasing rate. Several businesses are also not properly crushing boxes. Instead, they are simply dumping them in piles.

Another issue includes the need for a better system to deal with used grease that is currently being left in various dumpsters up and down the alleys.

“One of our priorities is coming up with a better plan to deal with all the items being left in the alleys, but these problems can’t be solved by the city alone waving a magic wand,” said Assistant City Administrator Scott Kelly who is leading the team. “We are going to be talking about encouraging businesses to take more responsibility for what their employees are leaving out there.”

Monday’s preliminary meeting included internal city departments, but future meetings will include representatives from the downtown businesses. A second meeting is expected to take place in the next two weeks.

West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio has ordered the task force to come up with plans to improve the conditions in the alleys.

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