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Laser Focus By WPB Police Leads to Drop in Crime



October 26, 2013


(West Palm Beach, FL) – Did you know that less than 1.5% of the land in the city is responsible for over 12% of the city’s violent crime?

That same 1.5% of land is also responsible for over 7% of the police department’s calls for service.

That small section of the city is now the focus of a new, concentrated effort by the West Palm Beach Police Department that is leading to significant crime drops in the area.

The trouble zone, as identified by the police departments recent “Intelligence Led Policing” plan stretches from 30th street to 59th street, the FEC railroad tracks to the water.

When the department compared August 2012 to August 2013, they found this small area saw a 38% increase in overall crime. Data showed that 6 problem locations and 45 repeat offenders were largely responsible for the increase.  So it was those locations and those people that the department has gone after over the past two months.

Undercover operations, increased patrols and zero tolerance policies for repeat offenders is leading to positive results.

“We are moving away from the idea that specific officers can only patrol their specific sections of the city,” said West Palm Beach Police Captain Brian Kapper. “By following the real time data, we are able to immediately adjust patrols and operations when we see a spike in one area. We jump on a potential problem before it can mushroom out of control.”

An analysis of the September numbers in the target zone shows an almost 40% drop in violent crime when compared to September 2012. October 2013 versus October 2012 so far shows a drop of 46%.

Overall violent crime in the north end of the city (which includes the area north of Banyan Boulevard) shows a drop in violent crime of almost 11%, with the more significant reductions in residential and commercial burglaries.


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