State Senator Calls on All Aboard Florida To Pay For Quiet Zones

railroad crossing3

November 16, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – A Palm Beach County State Senator is calling on All Aboard Florida, the new high speed rail service expected to run from Miami to Orlando to pay for “Quiet Zones” across the city.

State Senator Jeff Clemens, attending Mayor Jeri Muoio’s legislative delegation meeting this week at city hall, said he will push for the rail line to pay the millions of dollars in costs.

“I am going to ask that they pick up the whole tab,” Clemens said.

Quiet zones are stretches of track and crossings that have been upgraded with additional equipment to allow trains to travel through without blowing their horns.

If you don’t have a quiet zone, every time a train passes through a neighborhood crossing, it must blow its horn. ¬†When All Aboard Florida begins service the number of trains through West Palm Beach’s neighborhoods is expected to significantly rise.

“I believe that the All Aboard Florida folks have a responsibility to come forward with some funding to try to alleviate some of those problems,” said Clemens.

The cost of quiet zones from one end of West Palm Beach to the other is estimated to be $4.7 million dollars.

“This is a profit maker for them,” added Clemens. “Not only the train route but the fact that they own all the right of way along that way means there will be money to be made for the company that’s pushing this.”

“So that being the case, I think in order to make sure that the project moves forward, and they realize those profits, I am hoping that they will be willing to share some of those profits,” said Clemens.