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Future of Coleman Park Neighborhood Looking “Brighter!”




December 3, 2013

(West Palm Beach, FL) – Coleman Park, one of West Palm Beach’s most historic neighborhoods is now the first community in the entire state of Florida to receive new, brighter, safer high-tech LED streetlights from FPL.

The lights are being paid for by the City, and are part of Mayor Muoio’s promise to pursue environmentally friendly projects as part of the city’s Department of Sustainability.

“Our police officers talk about how much better it is. The people who live here feel like it’s safer. And it’s such a better quality of light,” said Mayor Muoio.

As West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio, along with Commissioners Ike Robinson and Sylvia Moffett watched, FPL crews installed the last of 166 new LED lights in the neighborhood.



From left to right: Commissioner Ike Robinson, Commissioner Sylvia Moffett, Mayor Jeri Muoio & FPL VP of Distribution Operations Bryan Olnick watch the final light installation

Over the past year, the city, on its own, has already paid for and installed approximately 6,000 new LED streetlights in neighborhoods where the city is responsible for the lighting.  This is the first time FPL has agreed to allow a city to pay for the LED upgrades on FPL-owned lights.

“Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is also an economical thing to do. We have seen that it will save us money, and has saved us money,” added Muoio.

LED lights offer a savings of approximately 60% over the older lights.


The newer LED light (bottom) compared to an older mercury streetlight (top).


Over the next year, the city plans to pay for the upgrades across the city, leading to FPL swapping out over 1,100 additional streetlights.




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